News Update If You Are Travelling The Great Ocean Road This Weekend

I thought this news could be very interesting to anyone travelling down the great ocean road direction, as there has been quite a few landslips, so please read and stay safe everybody!

IS the Great Ocean Road open? More landslips from weekend rain

THE relentless weekend rain caused five more small landslides on the already embattled Great Ocean Road.

Nearly 60km of the coastal route was spectacularly closed last month, when wild weather caused landslips, downed trees and rock falls, and if you were enjoying your lavish Lorne accommodation, you may have escaped the worse!

The latest report from VicRoads’ Incident Control Centre has warned new landslips could occur at any time.

With 200mm of movement detected over the past four days from Monday, the east end of the Wye beach from the beach front caravan park towards Separation Creek has now been closed as a precautionary measure.

Geotechnical assessments will continue through the area during moderate winds with a high chance of rain forecast over the next few days.

Parts have since been reopened, and despite the downpour over the weekend the road remains open to all traffic between Lorne and Torquay

It is still closed to all traffic from Separation Creek to Wye River, as well as the beach below Paddy’s Path, and it is not yet known when that portion of road will be reopened.

While it also open from Lorne to Separation Creek, the speed has dropped to 40km/h and no large trucks or buses are permitted. Exemptions apply to garbage trucks, cement trucks and cars towing boats, caravans and trailers.

From Wye River to Skenes Creek the speed has been reduced to 60km/h with the same guidelines in place. So if you’re staying in some Wye river accommodation, you may be there for a little while longer.

From there, the road is open all the way to Warrnambool with no restrictions.

A Postal Worker Will Mow Your Lawn-Only in Finland!

posties mowing lawns

How about this for a think outside of the box idea: mowing lawns and landscaping

If you are lucky enough to live in Finland, you can have a postie cut your grass…. for a small fee.

Believe it or not, the postal workers came up with the idea and put it to management according to Anu Punola, the director of Posti, Finland’s official postal service. “We believe many customers will be happy to outsource lawn mowing when we make it convenient for them to do so,” she said announcing the program.

The idea is that the posties will do the job every Tuesday which is traditionally a light day for mail numbers in Finland. In recent years there has been fewer ads and magazines for them to deliver. The idea is also that the customers have to provide the lawn mower which really only makes sense. You cant really expect then to carry a portable one on the back of their bikes. The proposed cost will range from 65 euros to €130 ($75 to $149) per month and this depends on the size of the customers lawn. Another bonus is that it’s tax deductible.

Finland’s Posti was already a service that is considered to be very enterprising. They already deliver meals to many customers. The postal service also has plans to have a health care company teach its employees to help people who have many types of disabilities and help them with their cooking and cleaning needs.

But then, why stop there? How about  a full landscape paving service, or shovelling snow in the winter months? Or maybe even building retaining walls or walking dogs perhaps? Watching the kids for an hour or two or picking up some milk before delivering the mail? Helping with the kids homework? The list is endless. Curiouser and curiouser the whole plan seems to be.

It’s not just Finlands postal service that have innovative services. In Japan, their postal service provide banking and insurance. In Korea, mainly at some of the offices in rural areas, postal workers can make rail and airline bookings for you. If you live in India and want to sell stuff online, guess what? They sell goods online for you and then they also delivers them. However, the most innovative one comes out of the land downunder. Australia Post are testing the use of drones for their mail delivery. We are very impressed…but! Is a drone able to mow your lawns or build a retaining wall? Not yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. 

Benefits Of Reading


You can save a lot of money by buying softcover editions of the books. If you like to read, this can save a lot of money in the long run to the bookstore. However, there are some advantages defined to buy the hardcover edition of certain types of books. You can certainly buy a soft cover for some things, but if you really love books, you are going to buy from the rigid time and the time for some very good reasons. Books come in digital form, the time and that is great, but sometimes, nothing replaces the book in her hand and saving for then read from time to time.

When buying cookbooks that attempt to capitalize, the hardcover edition is always a good idea. This is because no matter how hard you try, you are going to put them through some abuse in the kitchen that can easily ruin a soft cover. If you use a recipe loved, water, grease, and cooking ingredients are coming to your book when you have in the kitchen. Having a hardcover on the book does not always save him, but you have a much better chance of life if you have your book that edition.

Books from your most favorite author are also the book you want to buy in hardcover. This is because you are about to read these over and over again, and you’ll never want to let go of them. Books that are repeatedly read quickly bring, namely the spine can break and the cover will tear and rip. If you have the hardcover edition, your most prized books are better protected from wear by reading over and over again. If loan off, it will be back in better shape than any softcover you can buy.

If you love to display all your books in your house, the hardcover edition is only going to look better on your shelves. Soft-shell are often smaller and thicker, thus taking up more space than the stiff. They tend to be about the same size, making your shelves rather boring to watch. A well-stocked library can add character to a room, and the best way to make your interesting shelves with a look that you want is to go with the hardcover edition of many of your favorite books.

The hardcover edition of any book is going to cost more money, but as you can see, that extra money is often worth it. Not only are more durable in the long run, you can usually get the book very soon hardcover. The paperback or softcover out often months or even years after the original edition is published online and in bookstores. For a book that lasts, invest in a sturdy book that will last through the fall, repeated readings, and the abuse of the books may take a few extra dollars. You’ll be glad you made the investment.

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