Why Cloud Computing is Growing

Cloud computing services has the ability to create a series of disruptions which can affect the overall technology industry, transforming many businesses around the globe. Below are a few reasons why cloud computing is constantly growing, through various ways such as the clouds ability to access, analyze, store and share information, which could change our business and personal lives.

Due to the cloud, you can expect to get an earlier note when things around your home or office are going out of service. A cloud-based program offering business computer support, alerts drivers of electric cars when their batteries will run out of juice, letting them access into a charging station without having to call a tow truck. A significant medical equipment firm developed a cloud-based program that transmits information to area system engineers who have to keep health equipment, helping them head off issues. And when stuff has to be repaired, the cloud will make that easier, also.

Your interaction with computers will be more hands free, like the recent introduction of Kinect, which enables players to eschew controls and only use gestures and motions that are translated with a 3-D camera and infrared detection system. Expect to see more of the sort of computer intuition due to the cloud computing control system. You will have the ability to walk in an area and there might be hundreds of sensors inside that could react.

Surveys reveal a large number of customers are dissatisfied with the growing practice of web-to-store; where they shop for goods online and then go into a store to buy them. Too often the store does not have the product available as its site as promised. With the cloud, stock records will be much more visible and dependable. Connected shoppers, who surf brick-and-mortar aisles with internet browser in hand, are starting to exercise their leverage, like asking the store to match a price found on a competitor’s website. Retailers’ brand value will be dramatically affected by how they meet these mobile-savvy shoppers.

In an era of information overload and infinite cloud growing options, companies in all industries may want to become your trusted advisor; that is also an integral way retailers will struggle against our commodity. The need for advice will spawn new businesses that leverages the insights from the many footprints we leave online. Now, shopping sites might offer suggestions of videos or movies based on previous purchases. If you have ever caravanned with a group of cars, you know the pressure of constantly looking on your rear-view mirror to be certain everyone is keeping up. Leave it to a group of college students to find out how cloud computing could enhance the road trip. As part of a course project, some University students developed a mobile program that uses cloud computing to allow a bunch of vehicles traveling together to monitor each other throughout the journey. The program lets travelers see vehicle telemetry about their speed and fuel use, to send alerts about stops along the way, notify fellow caravanners by texting street condition and dangers, and to pick the best route. The combination of location monitoring, social media and cloud-based analytics could enhance all kinds of transportation scenarios.

Some developing countries will now end up with similar markets being competitors. As China and other emerging nations have not developed strong IT infrastructures, so they could adopt the cloud faster — and exploit new opportunities quicker–because they will not be as postponed by tasks like incorporating legacy technology. At the same time, the cloud will offer new opportunities in different emerging countries.


Ramon Richardson